How Do Temporary Agencies Work?

How Do Temporary Agencies Work?

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  • February 28, 2020

Before applying for a job with a temporary staffing agency, have you ever stopped and wondered about their workflow and recruitment approach?


No matter your answer is a yes or no, it’s always wise to know how temporary staffing agencies work and how they can benefit you. Here are some common questions answered to the point to help you make informed career choices –


1. What are the benefits of a temporary staffing agency?

Temporary agencies provide a win-win for both employers and employees. Woohoo!
Employees can go to temp agencies and easily find a job within a short period. It can also be an opportunity for a full-time position.

Employers don’t have to put a pause to the work while searching for full-time employees as the position can get filled temporarily.


2. What to expect when applying to a temporary agency?

A temporary agency can place you in jobs with many different companies which they have a contract with; screens and interview so many people so they can match you with the profile and company well suited to your skills.
The contract comprises what type of work they need to be done, what will be the prospective employee duties, and how much they will be paid.


3. What to expect in an interview or visit?

When you walk to a temporary staffing agency, a staffing specialist will greet you and ask you to fill out an application or information sheet that helps to highlight your strengths. It is always good to go with a resume if you don’t have then better to create one. Some agencies also help you to create one.
The interview at a temp agency is similar to what you experience when you apply to a company directly.
Don’t stress much over the interviews here; most staffing agencies always want to increase their pool of employees to choose from and thus help you improve your chances of getting a job through them.


4. What will schedule with them be like?

Some temp agencies advise you to call them often to check for available jobs. Alternatively, they will call you when they get something related to your area of expertise.
They may also ask you questions for availability on weekends, work shift you want, preferred geographical area to work.


5. Will I need to sign a contract?

Yes, you will almost always be asked to sign a contract. The contract with the temporary staffing agency states that you are affiliated with the temp agency and have certain restrictions with the companies that they have introduced to you.


6. How do they pay?

The temporary agency is the body which is responsible to pay you when they send you to a company. The temporary agency gets a percentage of the amount they charge the company for per hour service of temp worker.


7. What is better – hiring employees from a temp agency or independent contractors?

It is advantageous for companies to hire temp employees through agencies. A load of withholding and figuring employment taxes is taken away from them. Also, they don’t have to take the burden of paying benefits, such as health insurance, vacation, or unemployment.


We hope this post must have helped you to now know how a temp agency works. You must be more confident about updating your resume, putting on a formal outfit and visiting reputed temp agencies like The Staffing Hub.


The Staffing Hub dig-out highly qualified candidates irrelevant of what kind of staff any company needs. It is a leading contract staffing agency that provides the right fit for your team through their staffing solutions and services.


Be wise and use all temporary jobs to expand your network, meet and make connections with as many people as you can in your industry. Stay tuned for more such posts!

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