Covid-19 Affect – Staffing Firms Sees “Unexpected” Demand for Nurses & Hospital Staff

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Covid-19 Affect – Staffing Firms Sees “Unexpected” Demand for Nurses & Hospital Staff

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  • March 30, 2020

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), a highly contagious one, is spreading rapidly across the globe, taking the lives of thousands of innocent people. Hospitals have been running out of the staff to serve patients detected as Corona-positive. 


With an increase in such cases in the U.S., staffing companies are more inclined towards fielding jobs for healthcare staff. 


At a time where the rest of the industries are worried about their future loss, the healthcare sector is into hiring additional staff. They are now leveraging their disaster protocols and crisis teams to deal with Corona’s circumstances. 


According to the employment report of the U.S. Bureau of Statistics, February accounted for 31,600 healthcare jobs. Further, there is an increase of 9,500 jobs in physician offices, 7,800 in hospitals, and 9,700 in home health. 


What kind of staff are the hospitals looking for?


As per the reports of hospital staff recruitment companies, there is a significant increase in job listings for healthcare staff. This includes nurses, clinicians, infectious disease specialists, hospitalists, emergency medicine doctors, and medical supplies. 


Apart from these people, there is a demand for patient access representatives, X-ray technicians, environmental service workers, and respiratory therapists. Since January, a substantial increase of 23,600 jobs flashed up in ambulatory healthcare services


Increasing demand for nurses and other healthcare staff


The Corona Virus outbreak has created a pathetic situation in hospitals where healthcare professionals are searching for an additional workforce to meet the need of the hour.  


Due to the unpredictable future of the virus and its ongoing effects, the staffing company for healthcare is actively looking for nurses and other hospital staff. The existing team is unprepared to handle the pandemic. The increasing number of cases is responsible for an explosion of demand for healthcare workers. The condition is such that it can lead some health systems to the edge.


Further, the quarantine of existing hospital workers is yet another reason for the higher demand for new staff. Many nurses and healthcare providers that were in contact with infected patients reported an inability to work for a long time. Kaiser Health says that 200 hospital workers went for quarantine due to such circumstances, leading to a surge in demand for active staff. 


If this situation continues to exist, the lives of many people would be at risk. There won’t be staff for feeding patients and staff, waste removal, and, most importantly, meeting the healthcare needs posed by the Corona outbreak. Already many hospitals are looking to fill vacant staff positions. They have been asking their workers for overtime. In such a dreaded situation, staffing agencies have a major role to play and contribute to saving the future of their country and world. 


How can staffing agencies help?


A staffing company for healthcare can prove to be the best bet for hospitals and other clinics. Many firms are contributing to controlling the crisis, providing the institutions with required staff at their fullest. 


Right from maintaining the Recruitment for Nurses to providing Temporary Healthcare Staff, the staffing companies can deliver quality services in a relatively small time. These healthcare providers can aid the existing medical team in managing the rush of patients, especially in the suburbs wherein there is a shortage of healthcare specialists. 


The Staffing Hub is a top-rated US Staffing Agency and can help you find experts from the field of medicine. We provide a wide range of recruitment services and can assist you to deal with this chaotic situation with a reliable team of healthcare providers. To know more, contact us here.

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