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 A human resource department is tasked with a variety of roles. From searching for the right candidate to keeping the existing ones, managing onboarding to tracking attendance, there are countless things on the list. For efficient management of human resource activities, investing in a good SAAS based HR management software is paramount.

A Human Resource Management System or HRMS software is an administrative tool used to streamline the recruitment process. This SAAS based software is made up of processes and systems that are essential in keeping the recruitment process in place. Best HR management software takes away mundane and tedious tasks leaving ample time with the management to strategies hiring process. With an HRMS software in place, you can simplify the recruitment process by letting the tool take up the manual workload.

At The Staffing Hub, we have the best in class HRMS software made for businesses like yours. We are equipped to take care of your recruitment woes and provide on-time and skilled assistance to your HR team.


TalentHouse – SAAS Based HR Management Software

The Staffing Hub is committed to providing a comprehensive suite of HR management services to its clients. Besides our RPO services, we extend our human resource management support through a SAAS based HRMS.

At The Staffing Hub, we offer TalentHouse, a SAAS based HRMS software designed exclusively for businesses with fast-paced HR needs. Our software is compatible with big organizations’ demands while at the same time, flexible for small businesses with limited needs. In short, it’s a perfect one-stop HR platform.

With TalentHouse at your disposal, you can streamline your day-to-day HR processes and valuable assets.

HRIS – Human Resources Information System

Human Resource Information System or HRIS is designed to enhance the operational productivity of an organization. The system allows the management to leverage human resources. 

With TalentHouse, we also offer an intuitive HRIS named Talentbuild. Talentbuild is programmed to help executives and HR managers simplify the management of critical HR processes. With the HRMS software, you can perform a wide range of tasks like,

    • Maintenance of critical employee data
    • Reporting, org chart
    • Compliance information
    • Social recruiting management
    • ATS
    • On-boarding
    • Training and Development
    • Performance Management
    • Analytics

Our HR management software is on par with the latest recruitment industry practices ensuring error-free management. Moreover, they can be scaled with the growing demand of your organization.


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