Contract to Hire Staffing Service

Contract to Hire Staffing Services

The cut-throat competition in this digital age has not left any room for incompetent resources. 

Contract to Hire Staffing is an excellent intermediate Staffing Solution that offers companies an opportunity to evaluate the candidate’s skills and capabilities for a specific period before making any long-term hiring commitment.

The Staffing Hub is one of the leading Contract to Hire Staffing Agencies in the United States. We are a trusted name in the industry and our Contract to Hire Staffing Services have benefitted both organizations and job seekers. We have been successful in finding candidates who are willing to shell out their expertise for the test period and beyond.

Risks Associated With Direct Permanent Staffing

Directly employing workers has its fair share of advantages but the risks involved are higher. 

  • Financial Risks

Direct hiring involves high costs in recruiting, onboarding, and training. In case there are instances of wrong hiring, their salary costs for the employment period, and other costs like loss of productivity, severance pay, and training cost adds up as financial losses. Contract to Hire Staffing can help the organization avoid these financial risks by giving them a chance to reconsider their hiring decision. 

  • Cultural Risks

If the employee does not turn out as expected, it can have a significant impact on the organizational culture. Contract to Hire Staffing placements gives companies a safety net as they have the time to evaluate the candidates before hiring them permanently.

  • Legal Risks 

Permanent hiring comes with a legal risk that may arise because of termination or any other employee exigencies. However, with a Contract to Hire Staffing, there aren’t any initial commitments. Candidates are aware that their future in the organization entirely depends on their performance in the test period. A contract to hiring staffing agency can save organizations from lawsuits associated with employment.


Why Us?

The Staffing Hub has an extensive network of recruiters and talent acquisition managers who help us, source professionals, on a contract basis. Our affordable Contract to Hire Staffing Services are meant to help organizations find skilled candidates to fill the vacant position. 

Each of the candidates are thoroughly screened for qualifications and skills to ensure that you only receive resources who are the right fit for your team. With us, you can rest assured to meet the most productive candidates for your team!


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