Five Steps for Making your Temporary Job to Permanent

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Five Steps for Making your Temporary Job to Permanent

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  • February 19, 2020

Temporary staffing has been on a rise since the past few years.

Today, a lot of companies can be seen availing temporary staffing services to hire temp employees, freelancers, or contractors to fill their positions for a few weeks or months.


Unlike permanent staffing that gives direct employment to the employees, contract staffing assigns an employee on a temporary basis and permanent employment is given after completion of the temp phase. Today, temporary staffing is finding its way into many organizations especially in healthcare, tech, design, and retail industries. These industries observe an increase in business during some time point where they might need additional resources to meet their demands. In such cases, temporary staffing can come to the rescue and save you from the workload.


So, what should you do when the temp phase is over? How can you convert a temporary job into a permanent one? Here’s how you can do it,

  • Be a Successful Temp Employee

The first step to making your temp position permanent is by behaving it’s permanent. Employers look for dependable and committed employees who are dedicated to their work and volunteer to assist others in times of need. You need to show your employer that you are capable of handling this position without any fault. Valuing your temp position will make you successful which is what you want.


  • Think of Your Temporary Position to be a Long Job Interview

Of course, your interview is over and you have bagged this temp position. However, you shouldn’t just stop there. Being a temp work shows that you have already entered an organization. Think of it as a longer interview to earn points from your employer. You need to make sure that your name comes to mind when they think of retaining some temp workers. Hence, show your employer your worth by grabbing every opportunity you get.


  • Let Your Employer Know

Do you know the easiest way to make your position permanent? It is by letting your employer know that you are interested in their company. You can do this by setting up a meeting with your supervisor or manager and let them know how you would like to keep working for them in the future. Show them your passion for the work and organization- these see the traits that every employer looks for.


  • Let Your Staffing Agency Know

Apart from letting your employer know, you also need to ensure that your staffing agency knows about your dedication to the job. Let your staffing supervisor know that you are interested in a permanent position maybe not in the same company but in a company with a similar work profile. Your staffing supervisor can take this further and communicate with people and help you in switching to a stable job.


  • Apply for a Permanent Position

Many companies offer internal job posting that any employee can apply for. Look for such positions and see if your skills match these openings. Get your resume ready and set out to fill in these positions.

We hope these tips will come in handy to become a permanent asset to your organization. Keep following this space to get more details about the temporary, contract staffing, and permanent staffing services.

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