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Ten Tips to Create an Effective Resume

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  • February 14, 2020

When you are trying to find a well-paying job, you need to know how to market your knowledge and skills. Resume helps you to sell your proficiency and stand out of the pile. It will help you catch much sought-after attention of recruiters and improve your chances of finding the best opportunity. 


However, resume writing seems to have a cloud of confusion and mystery. Job seekers are always curious to know how to create a perfect resume that can help them bag their dream job. Well, there is no single solution to this, because what is good for an industry may not be good enough for another industry.


Tips to Create the Best Resume


Hiring managers go through hundreds of resumes a day, and it’s crucial to get their eye on your resume. For that, you should have a resume that’s unique and persuasive. But the question is, how to create one?


If you aren’t sure, here are some resume writing tips for creating a high-value resume for all industry types – 


1) Don’t make things over-complicated


Apart from the creative industry, all a resume truly requires is following four sections:


        • Qualification summary
        • Education and Certifications
        • Work experience
        • Technical skills(also includes additional skills or activities)


This is the first and foremost of all resume writing tips which one should not ignore.


2)  No need to be generic


You can make the hiring manager’s eyes glaze over easily just by including overused words like ‘hard-working’, ‘leadership quality’, ‘team-player’ and ‘ambitious’. Avoid using such common words.


3)  Include big achievements


Include specific details about your notable achievements in your former roles. It’s effective to use power words like, ‘influenced’, ‘launched’, ‘increased’ or ‘decreased’.


4)  Avoid the use of resume templates or tables


Using a resume template isn’t a smart idea – it will become difficult to make any change or editing without ruining the formatting. 


5)  Keep it short and simple


Generally, people lose interest after two pages.


The average time a hiring manager spends on each resume they review is six seconds; so it is important to make it as concise as possible. But it is an exception in the IT industry where you can have longer resumes.


6)  Remove outdated and irrelevant experience


It’s better to avoid things that happened 15 years down the line if it’s possible.


7) Don’t adorn with lies


It will be risky for you. It should not be done.


This is one of the most important resume writing tips that will save you from big troubles.


8)  Mention important points first


Mention important points like your degree, experience in a well-known company or past work in a relevant profile at the top in the qualification and industry.


9) Make it readable and printable


        • Font size must be at least 11 not smaller than that.
        • Times New Roman or Arial font is much acceptable.
        • Set your margins no less than 0.5 inches from all four sides.
        • Keep the page set up as a letter-size paper.


Even after the evolution of technology, recruiters still print resumes and follow the basic resume writing tips.


10) Tailor it to the jobs


Write down the matched skills which your potential employer is looking for. Trust us, this will be of great help to attract the attention of your hiring manager.


Lastly, always keep your resume updated and sync with your LinkedIn profile. The majority of hiring managers also research their potential candidates on LinkedIn, so it’s always good to keep it updated. Also, add your LinkedIn profile link to your resume!


We hope these tips will help you create the best resume and go a long way. For more such updates, stay tuned with The Staffing Hub. We are a top-rated US staffing agency helping candidates find the best roles and contract to hire jobs. For further details, get in touch with us here.

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